Terrorists attack university in Charsadda: at least 19 dead and 50 wounded

Bacha Khan University is located 50 km from Peshawar where the Taliban killed more than 130 students at a military school in 2014. Gunmen attacked at 9:30 am local time. Police evacuated the campus and cordoned off the area. Shooting lasted several hours. Some students and staff members are still trapped inside.

Charsadda (AsiaNews) – Armed men stormed the campus of Bacha Khan University Charsadda, in north-western Pakistan. Police surrounded the area and evacuated students and staff.

Shooting stopped several hours after the attack began. The provisional toll is 19 dead and 50 wounded. According to police, at least four terrorists were killed.

The armed group launched the attack at 9:30 am (local time), from the south and entered the campus through a guesthouse.

The city of Charsadda is located 50 km north of Peshawar, where the Taliban killed more than 130 students at a military school in December 2014. A few days ago, Pakistani authorities evacuated schools in the same city after news of an impending attack by militants.

Explosions were heard at Bacha Khan University. The army intervened with heavy vehicles. Despite the evacuation, the university vice chancellor said, “there are staff members, men and women, and students on campus."