Mosul: Islamic State beheads 15-year-old boy for listening to “Western music"

The victim, Hussein Ayham, was arrested by a Jihadi patrol at his father's shop. The execution took place in a public square and sparked outrage among locals. Two teenaged boys were executed for not attending Friday prayers. Women rape survivors were stoned for “adultery”.

Baghdad (AsiaNews/Agencies) – The Islamic State (IS) group has reportedly beheaded a 15-year-old boy for listening to Western pop music and shot dead two others for missing Friday prayers, as part of a wider crackdown in the group's stronghold of Mosul in northern Iraq.

According to local sources, reported by Kurdish media, the teenager named Ayham Hussein was caught during a patrol by Isis fighters, listening to Western music from his CD player in his father's grocery store, in the west of the city.

Brought before a Sharia court, the boy was sentenced to death by beheading, which took place in a public square. His body was handed to his parents last Tuesday for burial.

The execution, the first for listening to banned music, has led to rare public displays of outrage, albeit muted because of the local powerlessness vis-à-vis Jihadi brutality.

Separately, two young men were arrested last week for failing to attend Friday prayers at the main mosque in Mosul. Both were shot dead outside the same mosque on Sunday.

The execution took place after a member of the Sharia Court read a statement vowing anyone who misses the prayers at the mosque to face the “same punishment."

In late January, a 14-year-old was reportedly beheaded on similar charges. A witness said the boy’s parents were "forced to witness the beheading of their own son”.

Reports from Mosul also indicate that four women victims of rape were stoned to death for adultery.

Jihadis claimed to have caught the women in an adulterous situation; however, the victims were most likely exposed to sexual abuse at the hands of ISIS militants before they were driven out of their homes and transferred to the Sharia Court.

The latest jihadi violence comes as the group continues to hold onto a large territory despite military setbacks across Iraq and neighbouring Syria.