The Oracle of Tibet throws barley at politicians: Corrupt and unfair

The government in exile prime minister, the president and members of parliament went to Nechung Choegyal and "incarnate deity" Tsering Chenga to receive the prophecies concerning the next government. The two leading exponents of mysticism related to Tibetan Buddhism and the Bon religion, were harsh: "You have wasted the gift of democracy and put the life of the Dalai Lama at risk ". During the divination, the barley grains used for the ritual were thrown at the politicians.


Dharamsala (AsiaNews) - The Oracle of Tibet and "incarnate deity" that accompanies him have expressed their "revulsion and contempt" of the politicians of the Tibetan government in exile, accusing them of "wasting the gift of democracy" and to "putting the life of the Dalai Lama at risk".

The harsh judgments emerged during the ritual meeting with top Tibetan leaders, who went to the Nechung monastery to receive the prophecy concerning the next government. The elections were held on March 21 in an atmosphere of general dissatisfaction with the bad behavior of candidates.

Thousands of Tibetans went to the polls to elect the 15th head of the Kashag (government in exile) and the 45 members of the 16th Tibetan Parliament. Voting involved about 88 thousand Tibetan diaspora registered at the election office in Dharamsala, who have expressed their preferences in 13 different countries. At first an attempt was made to include Tibetans who have remained at home, or at least those of the neighboring Chinese provinces such as Gansu, but the project was abandoned because of Beijing’s opposition.

The results are expected in the coming days, but candidates in the running for the role of Prime Minister remain only the current Prime Minister Lobsang Sangay and the chairman of Parliament Penpa Tsering. Both, along with members of the House, were present in front of the Oracle Nechung Choegyal and "incarnate deity" Tsering Chenga. The latter, as a ritual, spoke in an archaic dialect then translated by the religious of the monastery, however, a video shot during the prophecy shows the incarnate divinity throwing barley grains in the face of those present as a sign of "contempt and loathing" for their "corruption and impropriety".

In the Official letter on the prophecy, the Oracle "condemns the “mishandling of the gift of democracy” besides the violation of the oaths taken by both Sikyong and the Speaker. The letter warned that the mismanagements could lead to negative consequences on His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s health and life and directed the two to offer apology to His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The reference is to the election campaign and various violations of the law, as reported by several Tibetan and international groups.

A Tibetan in Dharamsala, who declined to be named, told the Phayul: "It was not a prophecy rather a scolding. But we should not make more of it than it is, if you look back, His Holiness himself has voiced similar sentiments at the Mentsekhang centenary celebrations. We all know that some of the conducts were untoward and beneath candidates vying for the highest office. The oracle has directed the two concerned to tender apology to Kundun but I find it strange that their conscience hasn’t already driven them to do so".