Hong Kong vigil on 4 June for Tiananmen martyrs (photos)
by Victoria Ma



Hong Kong (AsiaNews) – Thousands of people came to Victoria Park for the memorial vigil dedicated to young students and workers killed in Tiananmen Square on 4 June, 27 years ago.

As the largest of all commemorations, the Hong Kong vigil has drawn hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong residents, as well as, secretly, many mainland Chinese.

Over the years, it has also become a rally point for those who want to see Chinese authorities reverse their view with respect to the events of the fateful day, as well as those who would like to see China become a democracy.

Things are different this year because the Student Federation, one of most active pro-democracy groups, has decided to stay away from what it deems a futile fight for democracy in mainland China. Instead, it has turned its attention to the battle for Hong Kong’s independence. Many Chinese dissidents have reacted to this stance by appealing to the students to reconsider and work together.

Before the vigil, Catholics held a prayer meeting around 7 pm. Card Joseph Zen, Hong Kong’s bishop emeritus addressed the gathering, and along with Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Ha Chi-shing and other priests blessed the participants. Together, participants recited the rosary for justice and democracy in memory of those who died and those who saw the massacre, as well as the many human rights advocates, dissidents and persecuted people languishing in prison.