Flood hit Xingtai inhabitants against police: silence and futile efforts to save children from flood (video)

Rains hit northern, northeast and central China. In Xingtai (Hebei) the local government has kept silent on the victims. According to the population there were no alerts and aid is not enough.

Beijing (AsiaNews / SCMP) - Torrential rains have hit in Xingtai (Hebei) for the last five days have causing the deaths of 25 people, to which must be added a further 13 missing persons, including some elementary school children .

Heavy rains are sweeping across north, northeastern and central China, including the capital Beijing, flooding the homes of hundreds of thousands of people.

The high death toll in Xingtai emerged only after the angry population began to demonstrate against the police criticizing the lack of warning about the rain and the ineffectiveness of the emergency services, although the Xinhua reports that "tents , blankets, clothes" have been distributed in Xingtai.

The rivers, swollen by the rains, broke their banks and submerged at least 12 villages around Xingtai. Daxian is one of the hardest hit, where 9 people died, including five children.

At first the authorities denied that there were victims and have kept silent. But yesterday thousands of people in Xingtai took to the streets accusing the local government of failing to give any warning. Hundreds of policemen arrived on the scene to quell the protest (see video).