Taliban truck bomb in Kabul. Clashes in a hotel for foreigners

The Taliban militia claim "dozens of deaths and injuries", but no official statement from the government. Taliban and Islamic State fight each other for control of the region.

Kabul (AsiaNews /Agencies) - A truck bomb exploded in the Afghan capital last night, hitting a complex for services and military logistics, used mainly by foreigners. The attack was claimed this morning by the Taliban, who say a group of its armed militants are currently engaged in shootouts, after gaining access to the near Northgate Hotel, a high-security residential complex used mainly by foreigners and international organizations.

The authorities have not yet announced the exact number of victims of the explosion and shootings. A policeman and a soldier were killed in the crossfire. The Taliban announced that the explosion caused "dozens of dead and wounded."

A week ago Kabul was the scene of another suicide bombing, claimed by Islamic State, which left at least 80 people dead and over 230 wounded. The attack targeted a gathering of the Shia Hazara community.

According to experts, there is an open struggle between the Taliban and the Islamic state for the control of the region.