Dhaka, believers of all religions remember Mother Teresa
by Sumon Corraya

About 500 Hindus, Christians and Muslims flocked to the Christian community center in the capital. The commemoration of the saint took place on the eve of the canonization. Mother Teresa as an example and inspiration for young people, social workers, politicians.


Dhaka (AsiaNews) - Hindus, Muslims and Christians in Bangladesh have attended a meeting in memory of Mother Teresa, reflecting the fact that the work of the Saint of Calcutta is recognized by the faithful of all religions as extraordinary. 

About 500 people gathered on September 3 in the Christian community center in Dhaka, the eve of Mother's canonization. Bikash Roy, Hindu, told AsiaNews: "Mother Teresa was the ideal mother for the whole world. She taught us how to love children, in a time when we were engaged in killing them in the womb. We thank Pope Francis for declaring her a saint".

The program - the theme "Mother Teresa: remembrance, memory and joy" - was held on September 3, organized by "Magis Bangla", the youth movement of the Jesuit fathers. The hall was so crowded, that many were left standing.

Fr. Pradeep Perez sj explains that the objective of the meeting is "to give young people the message of Mother Teresa, so that they know about her service and assimilate her teachings."

Rasheda K Choudhury, a Muslim, a former government advisor and director of the Campaign for Popular Education, said that "we can not be like Mother Teresa. But if we want to, we can follow her teaching in doing small tasks. "

Francis Atul Sarker, Executive Director of Caritas Bangladesh, adds: "The Mother was a true missionary. When in 1972 she came to Bangladesh after the war for independence, she was wearing a very simple sari and it was even darned. At that moment I realized how simple the life of a missionary should be, observing her respectful attitude, the style of humble life and work for the needy". 

Catholic activist, Sanjeeb Drong,  points out that the Saint would say: "If you judge people, you will have no time to love them." The man, General Secretary of Bangladesh Indigenous People Forum, said: "She was the inspiration for my work as an operator for development."