Fire in an orphanage: five children die trapped

The fire engulfed the "Sweet Home" in Liaquat. At the time, there were 40 children in the orphanage. Of these, six were hospitalized in serious condition. The children died in an attempt to escape, but their room was locked from the outside.


Islamabad (AsiaNews / Agencies) - At least five children died trapped in an orphanage in Pakistan following a fire last night. The children were housed in "Sweet Home" at Liaquat, in Mirpurkhas district (in the southern province of Sindh). Although the investigation is still ongoing, it seems that the fire was caused by a short circuit. Meanwhile, police have detained an attendant and are investigating him for negligence. It is believed he locked the room where the children slept, not respecting the safety measures.

The fire started on the ground floor of the facility, run by the NGO Baitul Maal. Ther were 11 minors in the room at the time while in the rest of the orphanage there were around 40 children.

An association official said he had called the fire department immediately, which managed to rescue six other children in the room, now hospitalized in serious condition in a local hospital.

When firefighters were able to douse the flames, they found the bodies of the five victims piled in a corner. A policeman said: "The children tried to escape, but found the door locked." Witnesses reported seeing an attendant close the door of the room from outside, after serving dinner. Now he is in custody, and in the coming hours will be questioned by police.