Embrace between Zhan Silu and Ma Daqin: a sign of resurrection?
by Shan Ren Shen Fu

News of the Mindong encounter was posted online and later removed. For Zhan Silu, Msgr. Ma’s embrace is a kind of "revenge" for the embrace received in Shanghai five years earlier, at Ma's ordination. A premonition of China-Holy See relations, in which everyone mingles and embraces ... While Msgr. Guo Xijin is taken away.


Beijing (AsiaNews) - Easter Sunday (April 16), Msgr. Taddeo Ma Daqin, bishop of Shanghai, concelebrated with Msgr. Vincenzo Zhan Silu, the bishop of Mindong.

Bishop Ma is recognized by the Holy See, but was refused by the government after he resigned from the Patriotic Association (Ap). Later, Msgr. Ma retracted his positions, praising the PA, but his situation has not changed and in some PA meetings he was termed "Father Ma". But at the Easter Mass in which he concelebrated with the illicit bishop, vice-president of the Council of Chinese Bishops (an organization not recognized by the Holy See), he was presented as "Bishop Ma". It is not known whether this gesture will allow him greater freedom and to pursue his ministry in Shanghai. Bishop Ma is still in custody at Sheshan.

It should be remembered that on the day of his ordination, on July 6, 2012, Msgr.Ma did everything possible to ensure no bishop were involved in the celebration.  But Msgr. Zhan had managed to enter the church and celebrate. At the time of imposition of hands, Msgr.Ma escaped the imposition by Msgr. Zhan, by embracing him. These notes are needed to understand all the irony present in the little reflection that we present here, sent by a very well-known blogger, who writes under the pseudonym "Shan Ren Shen Fu (Hermit Priest).

As soon as the Easter Mass ended, I turned on my phone and received the picture sent by Master Wang. The whole world is restless and waiting to see if Kim Jong-un will keep the promise of implementing a new nuclear experiment, as he confronts a formidable enemy. Of course, many viewers who do not know the situation are worried.

I come home after having lunch with a faithful. I got the message from a nun and read it right away when I got back home. The message revealed that Msgr. Ma Daqin had gone to the diocese of Mindong and had concelebrated the Easter Mass with Msgr. Zhan Silu.

While I was thinking about this, I tried to open the message again, but the post had been deleted. How can such a "positive " message be published via e-mail and then deleted? I really do not understand!

When I read the news, my first thought was that "A group, an association" [the slogan indicating the Council of Bishops and the Patriotic Association - ndr] had been "vindicated": all they had lost before the found today, all they had before they lost today. "

Bishop Ma had resolutely embraced Msgr. Zhan during his ordination. Today Msgr. Ma visited Msgr. Zha Silu, who embraced Msgr. Ma without any episcopal insignia, communicating the restoration of someone who was previously suspected.

When Mgr. But he consumed the Eucharist, Msgr. Zhan was about to say something to the priests [concelebrating], all in an atmosphere full of harmony.

During the Holy Week many things happened in the Mindong diocese. Bishop Guo Xijin [ordinary underground bishop of Mindong, , not recognized by the government] was taken away "on vacation." Msgr Zhan Silu was able to preside over Holy Thursday's Chrism mass, crowning his dream. He also welcomed Msgr. Ma Daqin and even embraced him during Mass, showing his soul of a gentleman.

With the forthcoming Sino-Vatican dialogue, who knows if this Holy Week is not proof of a new situation of relations between China and the Holy See, where Beijing and Rome embrace eac other, in which the official and underground churches embrace eachother.

Bishop Ma went to Jiaocheng (Mindong) to concelebrate the Easter Mass and received a great hug ... because Christ is risen.

Kim Jong-un pressed the button and the missile launch failed ... because Christ is risen.