'Too late' to cure Liu Xiaobo, it’s terminal cancer

Liu Xia, the wife of the great dissident, says any cure is now useless. The US Commission on China asks Liu Xiaobo be transferred to the United States for medical treatment. According to prison authorities, a team of eight doctors are watching over the Nobel Laureate’s Health. The accusation: he was allowed access to treatment too late.

Beijing (AsiaNews) - It's "too late" to cure Liu Xiaobo, the great Chinese dissident, for liver cancer that is in a terminal stage. His wife, Liu Xia, has released a short video that states that any type of treatment for her husband is now useless, "neither surgery nor radiotherapy nor chemotherapy."

During all these years, Liu Xia has been subjected to controls, isolation, cut telephone lines, police arrests and attempts to curb news spreading about Liu Xiaobo and contacts with other dissidents.

Meanwhile, yesterday when Chinese media announced that Liu Xiaobo had been released for treatment outside the prison, some members of the US Congressional Commission on China asked President Donald Trump to try to ask Beijing for Liu to be given the possibility of receiving care in the United States.

Liu, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010, when he was already in prison for "subversion of the state power", is now interned at Hospital n. 1 of Shenyang Medical University (Liaoning). Prison authorities say he is being cared for by a team of eight doctors.

Liu's lawyer, Mo Shaoping, and his friends claim, however, that the great dissident has now terminal stage cancer and have criticized the authorities for failing to provide him with care long before.