Kathmandu, hundreds of dead and thousands displaced by bad weather
by Christopher Sharma

The government was not prepared for the monsoon rains. Appeal to humanitarian organizations. Caritas Nepal bringing emergency aid.

Kathmandu (AsiaNews) - There are at least one hundred victims and thousands displaced by monsoon rains and landslides that have battered southern Nepal for days.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, more than a hundred are missing and rescue operations are slowed by bad weather. Secretary of the Ministry, Lokdarshan Regmi reports that "the rains this year were beyond our expectations, we were not adequately prepared. We are aware of the suffering and pain of the affected people but we are doing their best to help them. " The government also declared the state of emergency and appealed to humanitarian organizations to intervene.

The most hit district is 21 in the south of the country, where the rivers are overflowing and water stagnates without being absorbed by the ground. More than 8500 security officers from the various agencies are involved in rescue operations.

Netra Kc, local  BBC correspondent who traveled to the site, comments: "People ask for help. Almost everyone is lacking food and clothing. All their food, clothes and belongings were swept away. Pregnant children and women are at risk and there is no clean drinking water. " Doctors warn of the risk of epidemics: thousands of livestock carcasses and animals are scattered across the territory.

Police report that more than 500 tourists from different sources, visiting Chitwan National Park, are trapped by flooding. Evacuation operations are in progress with the use of boats and elephants.

Yesterday, the government held an extraordinary meeting appealing to local and international communities. At the same meeting 200,000 Nepalese rupees were reserved for each victim or dispersed.

Christian organizations, including Caritas, have intervened in affected areas bringing relief, including food, clothing, and temporary shelter. Shilas Bogati, the director of Caritas Nepal, assured the organization's commitment to the needy, reiterating that due to the relief provided to the victims of the earthquake, they have limited resources and limited workforce: "We are trying to do our best to help, with immediate relief material for primary needs. " The Catholic Church is praying for the victims.