Mehdi Kharroubi halts hunger strike

The authorities have agreed to remove guards from the house where he has been detained under house arrest since 2011. Kharroubi called for a public trial. His son: "Officials have promised they will take action on it."

Tehran (AsiaNews / Agencies) - Iranian opposition leader Mehdi Kharroubi halted his hunger strike yesterday, after the authorities' promise to remove the guards from the home where he has been detained under house arrest since 2011. His son,  Mohammad Taghi Kharroubi, tweeted the announcement yesterday.

The 79-year-old Iranian reformist was admitted to hospital after having begun a hunger strike. In addition to the removal of security guards and security cameras, Kharroubi demanded that he he be given a public trial. His son tweeted that "the officials have promised they will take measures regarding my father's request for a public hearing."

Kharroubi has been held in his home since February 2011, along with political opponents Hossein Mousavi and his wife, Zahra Rahnavard. The three had challenged the outcome of the 2009 presidential election victory by Ahmadinejad, accused the government of human rights abuses, and supported the peaceful demonstrations of the Green Wave, which were violently put down.. For many years, many Iranian reformers have demanded the release of the three political prisoners promised by Rouhani during the 2013 election campaign.