Seoul grants military-dads an hour to care for their children

Firstly only women enjoyed this opportunity. The measure also provides for two days leave for school activities. The Cabinet approves a law to ensure the fulfillment of the military service by the wealthiest strata of society.

Seoul (AsiaNews / Agencies) - Not only women soldiers, but also men can take an hour per day to take care of their children under a measure approved yesterday by the Cabinet.

Before, only women could take time off for children's day care under 12 months of life. The measure also provides for a two-day annual leave days to supplement for both sexes if parents attend formal childcare events or schools, including meetings with teachers.

The Cabinet also approved a law to ensure that the children of senior public officials, celebrities and high-income families do not circumvent mandatory military service. Legislation provides that wealthy families belonging to the highest income tax band  (about 3,000 people) are subject to government control over the military service.