Calcutta, the Archdiocese synod and legacy of Mother Teresa
by Nirmala Carvalho

The meeting took place from September 26 to 30. 12 points of intervention outlined in the parish pastoral plan. Evangelization, women, young people, social communication, lay people among the topics discussed. 

Calcutta (AsiaNews) - In Calcutta, West Bengal, the Archdiocese synod was held from September 26 to 30. Speaking to AsiaNews Archbishop Thomas D'Souza, explained that Catholics have been preparing for this important event for four years. "The priority of our archdiocese - he stresses - is to evangelize and live our Christian life as witnesses, always having the poor in mind. We live the legacy of Mother Teresa, so our commitment to the poor is a grace for the Archdiocese, the lay people, the clergy, the religious, everyone. "

The theme chosen for the synod was "Entrusted to the Lord, established by Him". The meeting took place at the Morning Star Regional Seminary in Barrackpore and saw the participation of 161 delegates from all the archdiocese parishes.

The foundations for this synod were set in 2013 when the local Church decided to develop the topic in two phases: the first with a pastoral plan for parish life; the second through the synod, to discuss and expand the results achieved in the first period. The delegates discussed the twelve themes suggested by the parish plan: Christian life, ecumenism and interreligious dialogue, education, environment and social justice, evangelization, family, health, lay people, small Christian communities, social communication, women and youth. The proposals will come together in the plan that the archdiocese will present on November 26th.