Nassiriya, 38 'terrorists belonging to Al Qaeda and Daesh' hanged

The execution took place in the presence of the Minister for Justice. The convicts are Iraqis, but there is also talk of a Swedish citizen. Iraq ranked fourth in the world for the use of capital punishment, after China, Iran, Saudi Arabia. 

Baghdad (AsiaNews / Agencies) - Thirty-eight jihadists "belonging to Al Qaeda and Daesh [acronym for the Islamic State]", already condemned to death for "terrorism", were hanged yesterday in the Nassiriya prison, in the south of the country. The 38 were reported to have all been Iraqi, but there are rumours that there was also a Swedish citizen among them.

In the same prison, on 25 September the death sentence was executed for another 42 "terrorists". The executions took place in the presence of Justice Minister Haidar al-Zamili, after confirmation of the sentence and after the decision of the country's presidential council.

International organizations against the death penalty criticize frequent recourse to the use of the death penalty in Iraq.

Last year 88 death sentences were executed in the country; 26 in 2015. According to Amnesty International, Iraq is in fourth place in terms of number of death sentences after China, Iran, Saudi Arabia.