The Syrian army ready for the offensive in Ghouta east. Dozens of civilian victims

At least 100 people died in one day alone yesterday, including 20 children; added to these are 470 wounded. The UN calls for an end to the bombings and talks about an "out of control" situation. Deposits and hospital facilities also affected. The rebels respond by throwing mortars on Damascus.

Damascus (AsiaNews / Agencies) - The bombings launched by the Syrian army against eastern Ghouta, a rebel stronghold on the outskirts of Damascus and long under siege by the government, have killed dozens of civilians and caused massive damage. This is what is reported by the Syrian human rights observatory (Sohr), according to which at least 100 people were killed yesterday, including 20 children; added to these are about 470 wounded, some of them seriously.

At the moment there is no official news on the number of dead or injured. However, if confirmed it would be the heaviest toll for a single day of fighting in the region in the last three years.

UN officials call for an immediate cessation of the bombing and add that the situation is "getting out of control". About 400 thousand people live in the enclave east of Damascus under siege since 2013, from which several rockets and mortars have been launched several times in the past, which have struck Christian locations in the capital.

According to some local sources, the Syrian army is preparing an imposing offensive of land to regain control of the entire area. This is the last part of the territory still under the control of rebel groups, near the capital Damascus.

The Syrian army attacks have hit not only civilians, but also homes, depots and medical facilities. Yesterday four mobile clinics were hit, including a structure used as a maternity ward. The rebels responded by launching mortars and rockets over Damascus.

Local activists and volunteers fear that damage to roads and infrastructure will further  hinder the delivery of aid in an area already in critical condition.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, the only ally together with Iran of the Syrian government, Western governments and local militia "are exaggerating" the humanitarian situation.