US tariffs on 1300 Chinese products. Beijing promises 'equivalent measures'

Washington accuses Beijing of unfair business practices and violations of intellectual rights. The Chinese side "will take measures of equivalent strength and scope”. The US list includes parts for satellite communications, semiconductors, aviation instruments, medicines, televisions, robots and motorcycles.

Beijing (AsiaNews) - The U.S. Trade Representative's office yesterday released a list of 1,300 Chinese products that will be hit with 25% tariffs, for unfair business practices and for intellectual rights violations by Beijing. China, for its part, has replied that it will take measures "of equivalent strength and scope".

The US list includes parts for satellite communications, semiconductors, instruments for aviation and fermentation, pastry ovens and missile launchers, medicinal products, televisions, robots and motorcycles. In all, they represent a volume of imports of $ 50 billion a year.

A month ago the administration of President Trump had declared that the tariffs would have reached a value of 60 billion dollars, equal to the losses caused by the theft of intellectual property by the Chinese companies.

The Chinese embassy in Washington responded by accusing the US of "unilateralistic and protectionist action". "The Chinese side - it is stated - will appeal to the World Trade Organization and will take corresponding measures of equivalent strength and scope, against US products, according to Chinese law".

The publication of the US list comes just days after China hit US products with duties for 3 billion dollars, in response to the duties imposed on imports of Chinese steel and aluminium.

Before the duties are implemented, the US list will be subject to a 60-day review by the public. In any case, it is stated, it is "in response to China's policies that force US companies to transfer their technology and intellectual property to domestic Chinese companies".