Winds continue to batter India: another 41 dead

Rain and dust storms have been raging for 10 days. The most affected State is that of Uttar Pradesh. Flights diverted from the capital to other airports. Lightning strikes have burned about 100 houses in the Sambhal district.

New Delhi (AsiaNews / Agencies) - The fury of the winds that is devastating India, and in particular the states of the northern part, show no sign of abating. In the same day yesterday, another 41 victims were registered between Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and the capital of Delhi. Therefore the toll has risen to at least 134 dead and 400 injured. The state that is paying the highest price is Uttar Pradesh, with 80 dead.

The rain, dust and sand storms are now in their tenth day. Winds of about 109 km / h are sweeping roofs of houses, uprooting trees and causing considerable inconvenience. The Indian Meteorological Department still advises the population to avoid travel, if not strictly necessary.

In the last hours, powerful lightning has been added to the dust gusts, which in the Sambhal district in the Rajpura area (Uttar Pradesh) caused the burning of almost 100 houses. Schools and high schools will be closed in different districts in the next few days. Meanwhile, airport authorities in the capital have rerouted a dozen domestic flights to other airports, while city traffic has gone into chaos due to about 70 trees fallen on the roads. In the past few days the Indian bishops have intervened with a message of solidarity to the victims and the injured.

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