Uttarakhand, death threats for policeman who saved a Muslim from Hindus (Video)

Officer Gagandeep Singh is a Sikh. The incident occurred near a Hindu temple in the city of Ramnagar. Hindu radicals wanted to lynch the Muslim because in the company of a Hindu girl. The Islamic faithful accused of "love jihad", that is, of seducing Hindu girls to convert them.

Lucknow (AsiaNews / Agencies) - He saved a young Muslim from a Hindu crowd who wanted to lynch him and for this he has received death threats. This is the story of Gagandeep Singh, a Sikh policeman from Uttarakhand, who became a hero on social media for protecting a boy from the fury of radical Hindu nationalists. Police sources, however, denounce that the new found fame of their officer has led to him receiving death threats.

The incident occurred on May 23 near a Hindu temple in the city of Ramnagar, in the district of Nainital. Here the young Muslim had an appointment with his girlfriend who is a Hindu. A mob of radicals belonging to the ultranationalist organization Vishwa Hindu Parishad and its militant youth wing Bajrang Dal demanded the young man show ID. On discoveringhis religious confession, accused him of "love jihad" and wanted to lynch him. With the term "love jihad" the nationalists define the alleged conspiracy by the faithful of Islam to force Hindu women to convert to the dictates of the Qur'an through seduction.

Covering him with his body, officer Singh prevented the assault. This is why many have called him a "model hero". For his part, he said: "I was just doing my job. I would have done the same even if I had not worn the uniform. All Indians should do the same ".

His gesture, however, has not pleased nationalists, who accused him of "indecent behavior". Colleagues working with Gagandeep Singh report that after the threats, he was sent on leave.

Some prominent local politicians also opposed the officer. Among them, Rakesh Nainwal, leader of the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party), who says: "It is wrong that these people (Muslim men) bring Hindu girls to our places of worship, despite knowing that it is a temple and a place sacred". According to another member of the BJP, the Muslim would have offended the religious sentiment of the Hindus.