No stopping Afghan Peace Caravan: 'We will protest in front of the embassies'

The sit-in series began yesterday, in front of the UN representation. All embassies involved in the conflict are targeted. The appeal to the rest of the world: "Citizens of foreign countries ask their governments why Afghans are protesting outside of the embassies".

Kabul (AsiaNews / Agencies) - The peace call of the Helmand activists is not stopping. Arriving in Kabul last week after almost 40 days and 700 km of walking under the scorching sun of Afghanistan, the Peace Caravan is determined to make its appeal heard in the capital: they will conduct three days of sit-ins in front of every embassy and international mission involved in the conflict.

The pacifists - now about 100 - have spent the first night of the new campaign in front of the United Nations Mission Unama (United Nations Assistance Mission for Afghanistan) offices in the center of the capital.

In recent days, activists had given the Afghan government and the Taliban three days to respond to their demands for ceasefire and peace. The rebel Islamist group did not respond to their appeal, by the deadline was last Friday, June 22nd.

The next day, the peace convoy announced the decision to protest in front of the diplomatic offices of the capital involved. "We will spend three days in front of each embassy," says Bismillah Watandost, spokesman for the convoy. "During these three days, we will try to start demonstrations in the countries against which we will be protesting. By manifesting, we want to create a relationship between our people and the citizens of those countries; and we hope that the citizens of foreign countries will ask their governments why the Afghans are protesting outside embassies ".