Tawadros II and the Flight of the Holy Family to Egypt: Proud to have the places of the childhood of Christ in our land

The commemoration took place on July 1 south of Cairo. Institutional and diplomatic figures present. The Coptic Pope praises the beauty of Egyptian people and monuments.

Cairo (AsiaNews / Agencies) - The celebration of the Flight of the Holy Family to Egypt is a "purely Egyptian" initiative, which shows the richness of culture, nature and history of the country ".

This was stated on July 1 by Tawadros II of Alexandria during the ceremony held at the church of the Virgin Mary in the district of Maadi (south of Cairo). The Egyptian faithful, added the Coptic Pope, "are proud to have on their national territory the places of the childhood of Christ".

The Ministers of Antiquity, Tourism, Culture and various officials, politicians and ambassadors were also present at the event. For the occasion the national anthem was sung and some documentaries were broadcast concerning the journey of the Holy Family to Egypt. During his speech, Pope Tawadros II emphasized the beauty of Egypt, its people and its monuments.

The Flight into Egypt is told in the Gospel of Matthew. In the biblical account, the Holy Family leaves Palestine for Egypt via the Arish road, arriving in "old Egypt" and then moving into "Upper Egypt". In June, two groups of pilgrims from Italy headed to Egypt to follow the steps of the Holy Family.