New Delhi, suicide or sacrifice to the gods: 11 deaths in the 'house of mass hangings'

The victims all belong to the same Bhatia caste family. Members of the middle class, living in the capital for over 20 years managing property stores. One of the grandchildren had celebrated her engagement two weeks ago.

New Delhi (AsiaNews / Agencies) - The mass suicide of 11 people of the same family, found hanged in their home in Burari, Delhi district, last July 1st is still without explanation. The case has become so controversial that the Indian media already speaks of "the mystery of 'house of mass hangings'.

Investigators report that the incident could be linked to mass suicide rituals for spiritual or mystical practices. At the same time, the hypothesis of murder cannot be ruled out. Of the victims, 10 were found hanging from the ceiling of the home, a three-story building. The eleventh, a 75-year-old woman named Narayan Devi, lay dying on the floor. The hanged had their hands tied behind their backs and bandages on their faces.

To make the macabre discovery was a neighbor, suspicious of the fact that the family had not opened their grocery store, located on the ground floor of the building. He told the agents that he had found the front door open, with no apparent signs of break-in. Among other things, the investigations revealed that it was not a case of theft, since no valuables were taken from the home, including women's gold jewellery and electronic devices.

According to neighbors, the family lived in comfortable economic conditions and had never expressed any disagreements. They belonged to the Bhatia caste (dedicated to commerce), originally from Rajasthan but emigrated from the capital of the Union 20 years ago. Another clue that deepens the mystery is the fact that two weeks ago the family had organized a large reception for the engagement of one of the victims, Priyanka, a 33-year-old granddaughter of Mrs. Devi.