Bomb that killed 40 children on bus in Yemen was 'made in the USA'

The Saudi coalition used laser bombs sold by Lockeed Martin to kill passengers on a bus, including many school children under the age of 15. Riyadh is global leader among arms buyers.


Washington (AsiaNews) - The bomb that killed 40 children and 11 other people in a bus last week, in the province of Saada (northern Yemen, under the Houthi), was sold by the United States, under a US state Department agreement with Saudi Arabia, CNN reports citing ammunition experts.

On 9 August, bombs from the Saudi coalition centered in Dahyan a bus carrying children on a return trip. At least 29 victims were under the age of 15.

According to the television station, the number of shards visible in the images immediately after the attack, clearly shows that the bomb was a Mk 82 laser bomb, sold by Lockeed Martin, the main supplier of the US Defense Ministry.

Saudi Arabia has been among the biggest arms buyers for several years. In 2014 it spent over 80 billion dollars. Its suppliers include the United States, France, Great Britain and Germany. In 2015, the US sold weapons for over a billion dollars; in 2016 1.5 billion; in 2018 another billion.

The UN has stated that the war in Yemen is "the worst humanitarian crisis in the world", with about 10 thousand deaths, of which about 60% are civilians, and 45 thousand injured. Out of a total of 28 million inhabitants, the conflict has also left up to 20 million people in need of assistance and humanitarian aid in order to survive.

Pope Francis and the apostolic vicar of southern Arabia, Msgr. Paul Hinder, have repeatedly called for peace and dialogue to end the suffering of the population.