China: 'The river water is clean'. But the tests were on mineral water

The Hunan provincial authorities sent inspectors for investigations. The river in question is the Lujiang, very polluted in the city of Zhuzhou. In China, water and air pollution is a chronic scourge. Tens of millions of Chinese have been poisoned over the years by water. About 21 million people are currently affected by diseases caused by water pollution.

Beijing (AsiaNews / Agencies) - Tests to verify the presence of pollutants were carried out on bottled mineral water instead of a polluted river in the province of Hunan, in the south-east of the country.

The water quality of the Lujiang River was excellent thanks to the false tests. The supervisory authorities sent inspectors to carry out the investigations. In the laboratory they immersed the sensors that detect the polluting particles in mineral water or in cups of tea.

The river that runs through Zhuzhou city is very polluted. Many local companies discharge waste into the river by ignoring environmental regulations. The environment ministry that is investigating said that it will "severely punish" all violations.

In China, 2050 freshwater sites are monitored. Beijing is increasing efforts to improve water and air quality. However, the data are still alarming. In 2016 a government report said that 80% of the wells in rural areas in the north-east are unfit for drinking water. Last year, a survey by the Ministry of the Environment showed that 13 thousand companies do not meet environmental standards.

Tens of millions of Chinese, especially in the northern areas of the country, have been poisoned over the years by the water supplied by the national circuit. An expert from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention confirms "unsafe" levels of fluoride and arsenic in water. About 21 million people are currently suffering from diseases caused by this excessive exposure, while another 87 million are at risk.