Iran and the USA a clash at the UN. Rouhani against Trump: he wants to overthrow the government

The Iranian president against the White House that "does not hide" the plan to topple Iran’s leaders, while calling for dialogue. International security, he adds, "is not a game of domestic politics". Trump: Tehran sows "chaos, death and destruction". Pompey accuses Brussels over new payment model to circumvent the sanctions.

New York (AsiaNews / Agencies) - A new chapter in the economic, diplomatic and verbal war between the United States and Iran opened yesterday at the United Nations General Assembly in New York. In his speech, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani accused the US counterpart Donald Trump, who spoke before him, of "trying to overthrow" the legitimate government of Tehran.

The Iranian leader has also excluded, at the moment, the possibility of talks with the White House to renegotiate the terms of the nuclear agreement (JCPOA), after the US president cancelled  it imposing new sanctions against Tehran, the toughest in history.. " It is ironic that the U.S. government does not even conceal its plan for overthrowing the same government it invites to talks," Rouhani said.

"For dialogue to take place, there is no need for a photo opportunity. The two sides can listen to each other right here in this Assembly. "I am starting the dialogue right here, and state, in unequivocal terms, that the question of international security is not a toy in American domestic politics

Rouhani has repeatedly denounced Trump's "absurd" position, which had previously invited the rest of the world to "isolate" the Iranian government by calling it "corrupt". "What Iran says - concluded its president - is clear: no war, no sanctions, no threats, no pressure, act only in accordance with the law and to respect obligations".

Speaking at the UN, the head of the White House - backed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who intends to continue "fighting" Iran in Syria - had accused Iranian leaders of "sowing chaos, death and destruction". According to Trump they "do not respect their neighbors, the borders, or the sovereign rights of nations" and intend only "to enrich themselves and spread chaos throughout the Middle East and beyond".

In these hours, Washington has also attacked the new model of parallel payments devised by the European Union to curb US sanctions. The head of US diplomacy Mike Pompeo said he was "disturbed and deeply disappointed" by the announcement of Brussels, for one of the most "counterproductive" "measures" for regional peace and security. National Security Adviser John Bolton added that the United States will be "aggressive and inflexible" in applying sanctions against Iran.