250 children died from suicide in 2017: never so many in 30 years

Suicide is one of the most serious social problems in Japan. The number of adults committing suicide has generally declined, but there is a marked increase in the number of young adults. Most young people leave no explanation as to why they make the ultimate gesture. Experts: School pressures and bullying possible triggering factors.

Tokyo (AsiaNews / Agencies) - The number of suicides among young people in Japan has risen to the highest level since 1986: 250 children spread across elementary, middle and high school took their lives last year. This is revealed by the latest government investigation into the phenomenon, conducted by the Tokyo Ministry of Education.

Suicide is one of the most serious social problems in Japan, although the number of cases has generally decreased. However, child suicides have recently seen a marked increase. Experts indicate school pressures and bullying as possible triggers.

According to the government study, most of the students (140) left no explanation as to why they decided to take their own lives. Among those who did, the most frequent reason was the concern for the decision regarding their future after graduation. Other motives include family problems.

According to a government study of 2015, between 1972 and 2013, 131 children under 18 took their lives on September 1, when they resumed school. The figure is almost three times the average of 49. In general, the number of suicides tends to rise every year when the month of August approaches an end. According to the Ministry of Welfare, suicide was the leading cause of death for children between 15 and 19 last year.