Huawei employees punished for tweeting with Iphone
by Wang Zhicheng

They wanted to send out happy new year's greetings in time. One employee demoted with blocked salary; another will not be promoted. The patriotic and nationalist fury in defense of China. A US delegation in Beijing on January 7 and 8.


Beijing (AsiaNews) - Huawei employees will be punished because they sent good-year wishes with an iPhone. According to information inside the company, one employee will be demoted and will have the salary blocked; another will not be promoted.

Since Meng Wanzhou was arrested in Canada at the request of the US authorities, Apple's Iphone has been targeted by the patriotic and nationalist uprising in defense of China. This is why the fact that the New Year's greetings from the official account of Huawei arrived with the words "via Twitter for Iphone" created a stir and many comments on social media.

The Sapient corporation, the marketing company that takes care of Huawei's twitter feed, having had local connection problems and fearing it would be unable  to send greetings to customers in real time, used an iPhone with a Hong Kong Sim card. Huawei has stated that the fact "negativley impacted on of Huawei smartphones".

The communications giant will sue Sapient and the employees of Huawei who have been punished because they have shown "poor management of relations with suppliers".

The tension with Huawei is just one of many aspects in which the US-China tariff war is being played, and which worries the international community given its impact on the economy.

After a series of traded tarriffs on exported products, Presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping agreed to a truce until March. Meanwhile, today China has confirmed that a US delegation at the deputy ministry level will visit the country for talks aimed at finding an agreement. The meetings will take place on 7 and 8 January and will focus on measures without duties, intellectual property, agriculture and industrial sales.