Abu Sayyaf offensive yields capture of Jolo bombing mastermind

Kammah Pae is one of the leaders of the terrorist organization. Four jihadists are also consigned by him. Kammah Pae provided logistical support to suicide bombers, a pair of Indonesians. 23 people died in the explosions. The Islamist leader denies any involvement but is nailed by eyewitnesses. In a shootout in Patikul (Sulu), three guerrillas and five Manila soldiers died.

Manila (AsiaNews) - In the last two days, one of the leaders of Abu Sayyaf and four other militants of the jihadist group have surrendered to the Philippine authorities, accused of being involved in the attack on the Cathedral of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Jolo (province of Sulu). The head of the National Police (Pnp), Oscar Albayalde, announced today.

The highest profile arrest is that of Kammah Pae (photo). According to investigators, the terrorist provided logistical support to the Indonesian couple who blew themselves up 23 January and killed 23 people and wounded 112 others. "He was forced to surrender," says Albayalde. "Probably, he did not want to die during the military offensive."

Two days ago, government troops killed three suspected Abu Sayyaf guerrillas in a gun fight in Patikul (Sulu), where five Manila soldiers lost their lives. Albayalde reports that Kammah has denied any involvement in the explosions of Jolo, but eyewitnesses say they saw him escorting the pair of suicide bombers.

In the terrorist's home, security forces have also recovered an improvised explosive device (IED) and other components, adds Albayalde. The head of the PNP states that the five suspects will respond, among the various indictments, to the charge of multiple homicide.