Angelina Jolie visits the Cox's Bazar Rohingya refugee camp
by Sumon Corraya

The Hollywood star spent two days in the company of refugees. As a UNHCR goodwill ambassador she listened to the stories of several rape victims. At the end of the visit, she asks Myanmar to apply the recommendations of the Commission led by Kofi Annan.

Cox's Bazaar (AsiaNews) - Hollywood diva Angelina Jolie, a long-time ambassador for the UN refugee agency (UNHCR), visited the Rohingya Muslim refugees camped for a year and a half in Cox's Bazar camp, Bangladesh.

Her visit has refocused global attention on the fate of over 720 thousand people, forced to flee from Myanmar during the last wave of persecution by the Burmese authorities.

In fact after a serious drop in media attention, only the local Church and with national and international NGOs have remained to help these people.

The visit to Bangladesh lasted three days, from 4 February to yesterday. Jolie visited many refugees and wanted to hear their stories.

" I met a woman yesterday [Monday], a survivor of rape in Myanmar, and she told me, ‘You would have to shoot me where I stand before I go back without my rights’", she told journalists.

The actress then collected the testimonies of several women victims of group and gender sexual violence. " Nearly two years after the beginning of this emergency, there is still a worrying gap in psychosocial services available for refugee survivors. This gap urgently needs to be addressed.”

During the press conference organized on February 5, she said that " Every body’s responsibility is ensuring security of Rohingya. Since four decades, they are neglected where they were born. There they didn’t have citizenship right. Myanmar should establish Rohingyas right aptly.”

The American star, famous for her philanthropy, has also launched an appeal to the government of Dhaka, in which she asked to show "really the commitment for the cycle of violence and displacement to end".

She urged Myanmar to implement the recommendations of the Advisory Commission on Rakhine State while working together with the Office of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and others" [led by Kofi Annan, ed.].

According to the special envoy, Bangladesh " Bangladesh is a generous country, rich in culture and history, but with limited resources. And it cannot be left to shoulder the responsibility of hosting Rohingya refugees alone. ". Jolie concluded: “So I urge the international community to continue to provide the humanitarian aid necessary to meet the needs of the refugees and support the communities so generously hosting them".

BANGLADESH_-_0206_-_Angelina_Jolie_visits_Rohingya_1.jpg BANGLADESH_-_0206_-_Angelina_Jolie_visits_Rohingya_1.jpg BANGLADESH_-_0206_-_Angelina_Jolie_visits_Rohingya_1.jpg BANGLADESH_-_0206_-_Angelina_Jolie_visits_Rohingya_1.jpg