Qinghua University is the best in the Asia-Pacific region
by Wang Zhicheng

It is the first time that a Chinese university comes in first place in the rankings, ousting Singapore. South Korea and China beat Australia and Japan.

Beijing (AsiaNews) - The Qinghua University, in the Chinese capital, is the first in the ranking of the best research and study centers in the Asia-Pacific region.

This is the first time that a Chinese university has been in first place, ousting the National University of Singapore, which after decades in pole position this year is in second place. It is followed by Melbourne, Hong Kong (University of Science and Technology, and University of Hong Kong), Beida (Beijing university) and at the 10th place the University of Tokyo.

The list drawn up by the Times Higher Education, which lists the 100 best centers of study in the region, shows that in general, in the last three years, China has improved its overall score by at least 14%; South Korea has improved by 15%.

The two countries are surpassing the nations that traditionally led the ranking of higher education: South Korea outdid Australia and China overtook Japan. Although it does not take first place, Hong Kong continues to have the highest overall score in the region.