USA versus China: World divided on the Boeing 737 Max 8, after Ethiopia crash

Beijing, along with other countries - such as: Indonesia, Singapore, South Korea, Mongolia, Ethiopia, South Africa, Cayman, Mexico, Brazil, India - have grounded the Boeing model aircraft, suspected of having construction defects. The USA awaits checks, along with other nations: Russia, Italy, Turkey, Iceland, Norway, Dubai, Oman, Fiji. The telegram of Pope Francis for the victims of the disaster.

Beijing (AsiaNews / Agencies) - Following news of the plane crash in Ethiopia two days ago, China immediately reacted by grounding all Boeing 737 Max 8 planes, the model of the aircraft that crashed in Addis Ababa, causing 157 deaths. An airplane of the same model had crashed into the sea in Indonesia last October, killing 189 passengers plus the crew.

After China, several countries made the same decision: Indonesia, Singapore, South Korea, Mongolia, Ethiopia, South Africa (Comair), Cayman (Cayman Airlines), Mexico (Aeromexico), Brazil (Gol Airlines), India (Jet Airways ).

But the US federal aviation administration said it would take "immediate" action if there were security problems. And the many US airlines that use the Boeing 737, including Southwest Airlines and American Airlines, have decided to continue to fly the hundreds of Boeing aircraft they have in their fleet.

Meanwhile, yesterday Boeing shares  plummeted by12% on the stock exchange, for fear that the two disasters will reveal defects in the construction of the new aircraft, launched in 2017. The company has not commented to date.

The Boeing 737 Max is the newest version of a jet originally designed 50 years ago and considered one of the most solid aircrafts. The Max has a larger and more efficient engine with less fuel consumption. When put on the market the company received orders for 5011 aircraft, of which 350 have already been delivered.

Other countries are following the cautious attitude of the United States. They include: Russia, Italy, Turkey, Iceland, Norway, Dubai, Oman, Fiji.

Yesterday, through the Secretary of State, Card. Pietro Parolin, Pope Francis sent a telegram of condolences for the victims of the accident in Ethiopia. In it the pontiff "offers prayers for the dead of different nations and recommends their souls to the mercy of the almighty God" and sends "heartfelt condolences to their families", invoking "divine blessings of consolation and strength".