Trade war between China and the United States is about to end
by Wang Zhicheng

Productive "dialogue yesterday in Beijing.  Next week a new meeting in Washington.  The US will reduce taxes by 10% to a portion of Chinese imports.  China agrees to end the forced transfer of technologies and apply equal treatment to US and Chinese companies.



Beijing (AsiaNews) - The trade war between China and the United States is drawing to a close.  According to officials close to the talks that took place yesterday in the Chinese capital, the two delegations arrived at some fixed points that will lead to a reduction in taxes imposed by Washington on Chinese imports.  At the same time, it seems that the parties have also come to an agreement on how to verify the implementation of the agreements.

US trade representative Robert Lighthizer, yesterday met with Chinese Vice Premier Liu He, describing the meetings as "productive".

According to the "Political" newspaper, the two sides have come to an agreement that allows the US to remove 10% of taxes on a portion of Chinese imports;  the rest of the taxes on about 200 billion of imported Chinese goods will be taken "quickly".  It is not clear whether China will do the same on taxes it has imposed on US imports in retaliation.

It is expected that then the Chinese side will keep faith with ending the forced transfer of technologies and giving equal treatment to US companies and Chinese ones, as already drafted in a law approved by the government last March.

There are aspects that remain to be discussed, such as how to verify the application of the agreements, state subsidies for Chinese industries, market access for cloud services.