Padang, restaurants open for lunch during Ramadan: only for non-Muslims

The provincial police raided businesses offering food by day during the Islamic holy month dedicated to fasting and purification. Air Force conducts night exercises: "The pilots have eaten and can perform better".


Jakarta (AsiaNews / Agencies) - Police in the city of Padang, Indonesia, conducted a raid on restaurants open for lunch even though the holy month of Ramadan, dedicated to fasting and purification, which began on May 5th. The policemen have imposed long signs on all of the commercial businesses that read "Only for non-Muslims".

It is a decision born of a circular issued last week by Mayor Mahyeldi Ansharullah, imposing on those who sell food to "open only near the end of fasting" or "to serve food exclusively to non-Muslims". The circular also covers places of entertainment, such as karaoke bars: "Whoever does not fast - writes the first citizen - must respect those who do".

Meanwhile, the country's Air Force has confirmed military jet exercises just before dawn. The noise of the aircraft will warn the faithful that the "sahur" is approaching, the meal that in fact represents the only sustenance during the day. However, Colonel Sus M. Yuris explained that it is not just a matter of waking up citizens: "We need to be sure that pilots in training are fit and have eaten and drunk. So we have to make them fly at night. "