Vasai, 6 thousand faithful at Pentecost gathering (Photo)
by Nirmala Carvalho

The meeting was organized by young people and lay people of the Charismatic Movement. Msgr. Machado gave a lecture on the history of the Church: "I cautioned people about separating the Holy Spirit from Jesus".

Mumbai (AsiaNews) - At least 6 thousand people have come from all over the diocese of Vasai, in India, to participate in the Pentecost gathering. The event took place in the shrine of Our Lady of Remedies. Speaking to AsiaNews Msgr. Felix Machado, local archbishop, says: " The whole church gathered,  the entire church, the Link, the inter- generational visibility of the Church was at its best at the Pentecostal Rally . The entire body of Christ was brought to vitality and Life, and this is a powerful Witness of the Church”.

The meeting began at 4 pm with the recitation of the Rosary led by Msgr. Machado and ended around 8.30pm. The Archbishop adds “I left only after 9.30pm as youths took ‘selfies’ with me, and many others wanted to speak to me, the elderly , the sick on wheelchairs came for Blessings".

The event was organized by young people and lay people of the Charismatic Movement. The prelate reports that " From 4.30 pm to 5.15pm a youth from the Charismatic with the youth group led the Praise and Worship. After this I gave A Theological Reflection on the Holy Spirit (based largely on the Focolare which is celebrating the Year of the Holy Spirit), making my discourse relevant to the lives of the people, without diluting the Doctrinal teaching”.

The archbishop explains: "In the Diocese of Vasai, people are simple and often let themselves be influenced by sects that teach" to live according to the Spirit ". Instead the life of God - precisely because God is one and triune - does not belong only to God. God, who dwells in the inaccessible light and in eternal glory, comes to meet us in the face of Christ and in the action of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Jesus ".

The Archbishop thanks the leaders of the Charismatic Movement, "who are immersed in reading the Bible and theological studies. They are able to attract young people, who love to pray and thank the Lord. The Holy Spirit inspires and guides young people to accept the teachings and the catechism of the Mother Church ".