Pastor Wang Yi's wife released

She had been jailed along with her husband and about 100 other Christians in December 2018. Another Christian, Li Xiaofeng, was also released. Both are free on bail but can be re-arrested at any time. The state of their health is unknown.

Beijing (AsiaNews) – Jiang Rong, wife of Early Rain Covenant Pastor Wang Yi, was released on bail after six and a half months in prison. Another member of the Protestant congregation, Li Xiaofeng, was also released on bail. Both can be re-arrested at any time, and the state of their health remains unknown.

According to various sources, Jiang was reunited with her son. However, her current whereabouts remains unknown. Some Christians think she is being closely monitored and is unable to communicate with others.

She and others were arrested overnight on 9-10 December 2018 in Chengdu, Sichuan. Police took into custody about a hundred people, including members of the congregation and seminarians.

Some of those arrested who were later released have accused the police of violating and abusing them whilst in custody.

The Early Rain Covenant Church is an unofficial domestic Church, i.e. not recognised by the government, and is led by Rev Wang Yi.

Unlike many other underground Protestant Churches, members practise their faith openly, engaging in street evangelisation. The Church posts its sermons and educational material online and runs a seminary for future pastors and a primary school for 40 children.

The community has about 500 members and 300 sympathisers, and is not new to arrests and police raids. In June 2018 its headquarters was shut down because the community had planned to hold a memorial service for the victims of the Tiananmen massacre.

Some of its members were arrested two months ago for evangelising in the streets, near the Chengdu station.