Bombs in Kandahar and Kabul: the escalation of the war continues

Two bombs were placed in front of the entrance to the police headquarters in Kandahar;  another explosion at the university in the capital.  The country is engaged in a difficult peace process after 18 years of civil conflict.



Kabul (AsiaNews) - Despite attempts at peace, violence continues to escalate in Afghanistan.  Yesterday in Kandahar, the country's second southern city, two bombs exploded at the entrance gate of the police headquarters and caused 12 deaths and 90 wounded. 

This morning another bomb was detonated near the University of Kabul, causing two victims.  Local AsiaNews sources report that at the moment the situation in the capital appears calm.  In the meantime it is hoped that this is a "solitary act".

There is no sign of the violence being reduced in the Asian country devastated by 18 years of civil war.  Just 10 days ago an agreement was signed for a "road map for peace" which envisaged the goal of "zero victims" among civilians.  However, the first cracks appeared immediately and that agreement seems to have finally run aground.

Yesterday the bombs in Kandahar were placed inside two cars.  Of the 12 victims, nine are civilians and three policemen.  Tadeen Khan, local police chief, reports that after the explosions the Taliban started firing from nearby locations, engaging in a fight with the drug trafficking department.

Zabihullah Mujahid, spokesman for the militants, confirms that the attack on Kabul government's security forces headquarters was conducted by the Taliban.  So far there are no claims for the explosion this morning at the university in the capital.  (A.C.F.)