Manila, a prayer to counteract the dengue and leptospirosis emergency

The death toll has exceeded 900. The Philippine Department of Health (Doh) has declared a "national epidemic".  Through the "Oratio Imperata", Card. Tagle asks the faithful to "pray for the sick and invoke protection over all".




Manila (AsiaNews / CbcpNews) - Card.  Luis Antonio G. Tagle, Archbishop of Manila, published a special prayer for the healing of those suffering from dengue fever and leptospirosis.  In the country, the number of patients has reached an alarming number and the death toll has exceeded 900.

Through the "Oratio Imperata" issued yesterday, Card.  Tagle also asks the faithful to "invoke protection from all these and other diseases".  Written in English and Filipino, the prayer will be recited after communion in all the masses of the Archdiocese of Manila, starting tomorrow.

The Philippine Department of Health (Doh) has declared a "national dengue epidemic": so far, in 2019 mosquito-borne disease has caused more than 800 victims.  The agency reports that between January 1 and August 10, the cases in the country have exceeded 208 thousand.

 Hospitals, especially in Manila, are preparing to receive a wave of patients due to floods, which carry diseases.  Based on the latest data, the Doh has recorded around 981 cases of leptospirosis throughout the country, with 113 deaths.  The figure, however, is lower than the 2,618 cases of leptospirosis with 256 deaths reported in the same period of 2018.

 The prayer reads:"The plague of dengue fever and leptospirosis are upon us today. These diseases have caused much suffering and have claimed many lives. We humbly beg You, loving Father, to deliver us from these and other diseases. Heal those who are afflicted. Strengthen us in charity to care for each other”.