Church of the Holy Cross of Luxmibazar, 60 confirmations of youth and adults (Video)
by Sumon Corraya

The sisters of Mother Teresa animate the catechism lessons. The parish is located in the industrial area of ​​Narayanganj, on the outskirts of the capital. The territory is inhabited mainly by internal migrants in search of work. Muslim employers "do not want us to let priests and nuns enter our homes, but we run the risk because we need spiritual care".

Dhaka (AsiaNews) - The Church of the Holy Cross of Luxmibazar is celebrating the confirmations in Christ of 60 faithful, including 32 adults, who have recently become Christians. The ceremony of their Confirmation took place yesterday, in the presence of Msgr. Shorot Francis Gomes, who in the homily said: "I invite those who today receive the [sacrament] of Confirmation to lead a life in Christ. May the Holy Spirit bless you. Avoid all sins and aim for the good values ​​that will bless your life".

The Holy Cross church was packed with 1,500 faithful, including relatives and friends of the candidates. The place of worship has stood for 151 years near the industrial area of ​​Narayanganj, on the southern outskirts of Dhaka. Like the rest of the country, the area is predominantly Muslim and not everyone welcomes the Christian presence, such as the employer of Simon Sangma (invented name), 35, who received the sacrament yesterday.

 "We Christians are around 80 and work in different clothing and tool companies. The priests and sisters visit us and take care of our spiritual life, but our Muslim employers do not want us to let them enter our homes. But we need spiritual care, the teachings of the catechism. We are willing to take the risk".

Fr. James Shyamol Gomes, the parish priest, explains: "There are many inhabitants in the territory of our inhabitants, especially internal migrants who come from other areas of the country. Many work in beauty centers. They are illiterate and lower educated. Many of them are Christian and did not receive sacraments, even some other faith and Protestants also attracted by us and has been received Christ”.

Henry Milon Mollick, 48, is among those who received Confirmation. "I am full of joy” - he reports. “The Holy Spirit has entered my life ”. In the past he was a Christian Baptist, but a few years ago he received baptism together with his wife and today he is part of the Catholic Church. He explains the reasons that led him to this choice: “I observed the life of Catholics and saw that they are better Christians. I love Catholic rites, prayers and the life of priests and nuns. I feel good since I became a Catholic. "

In the parish, which has given life to other sub-centers, the Missionaries of Charity operate, a congregation founded by Mother Teresa of Calcutta. The sisters visit the houses and take care of the pastoral care of the family. They hold catechism classes and prepare adults to welcome Jesus. Fr. James states: "We are not immune to the threats of Islamic radicals. But we continue in our pastoral work among the faithful who cannot come to mass on Sundays on a regular basis because they work in factories ".


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