The Diocese of Suwon’s work in Zambia is a ‘source of grace’

Auxiliary bishop Jong of South Korea has just returned from a visit to Africa, where a complex is being built to include a seminary, a university, a high school, a hospital and sports facilities. South Korea is a leading provider of aid to sub-Saharan countries.

Suwon (AsiaNews) – The Diocese of Suwon, South Korea, is building a complex that includes a seminary, a university, a secondary school, a hospital and sports facilities in Zambia.

For Mgr John Moon Hee Jong, auxiliary bishop of Suwon, who just returned from the African country, the work of the South Korean Catholic Church in Zambia "is a source of grace. We are happy to have had this opportunity, this is a project that has a beautiful road ahead of it.”

The South Korean prelate met Mgr Alick Banda, Archbishop of Lusaka, who is also Apostolic Administrator of Ndola, where the project is taking shape.

“We hope and pray that this seed we are planting here with the help of your Diocese will go a long way in seeing to it that the fruits of evangelisation come to fruition,” Archbishop Banda said.

According to plans, the complex should see the light in mid-2020. “It could become a beacon of light and hope for many local Catholics, willingly involved in the path of personal and social development,” explained local Catholic sources.

The work of the Catholic Church of South Korea in Africa is remarkable. The Diocese of Daejeon has long been involved in development projects in the continent, and numerous missionaries from the Asian country are involved in the sub-Saharan region.

However, “more could be done,” believe some South Korean Catholics. “Ours is a rich Church, we must look at works of charity not only here but in the most unfortunate countries.”