Coronavirus: another Sunday without mass (Photo)


Rome (AsiaNews) - Yesterday, as in recent weeks, many Catholics in China were unable to attend mass and receive the sacraments.  For the third Sunday after the lunar new year, because of the coronavirus epidemic, families are forced to stay at home in self-imposed isolation.  In many areas, the government and police do not allow anyone to leave the house to avoid the spread of the virus.

The bishops of the various dioceses gave pastoral indications to replace the Sunday precept with ceremonies and prayers to be held at home.  As can be seen from some photos - received by the Mandarin program of Radio Veritas - the different families have made efforts to prepare altars, put the Bible at the center for reading, adorned with flowers and candles, bowing for the adoration of the cross.

Following the indications of their pastors and in the absence of priests, the faithful also gather on weekdays to recite the rosary and the chaplet of Mercy, asking God to save China from the epidemic.  Some bishops also advised the faithful to make at least one day of fasting per week as an invocation and supplication to the Lord for mercy on China.

Thanks to the internet,  on computers or smart phones, some faithful gather around a table and follow the mass broadcast by some TV channels.

 “All of us - says a priest - are forced to stay indoors.  So let's continue to pray for China."