Guangdong: 14% of patients recovered are healthy coronavirus carriers again
by Wang Zhicheng

Tests after their release from the hospital show the presence of the virus in the stool. Until now, the protocol did not provide for stool analysis. Control over the epidemic is more complicated. To date, there are 78,190 cases of infection and 2718 deaths in China. Out of over 45,000 hospitalized patients, about 20% are in serious condition. A group of scientists excludes the production of the virus in the laboratory: end of the conspiracy theses.

Beijing (AsiaNews) - 14% of patients recovered from coronavirus and discharged from hospitals were found positive for the virus in the following checks. In a press conference held yesterday, Guangdong health authorities said it is still unknown why this occurs. In any case, this aspect makes control over the epidemic even more complicated.

According to the protocol of the National Health Commission, a patient can be discharged from the hospital if the throat and nose swabs are negative twice; if the computed tomography (CT) scan of the lungs reveals no lesions; if there are no obvious feverish states.

The protocol suggests that former patients take care of their health and avoid outdoor activities for at least 14 days, subjecting themselves to further analysis.

It turned out that many of the recovered patients still have the virus in their body, particularly in the stool. Until now the protocol did not list the patient's stool analysis.

As of yesterday morning, Guangdong had 1,347 infected and 805 recovered, with seven deaths.

National data speak of 78,190 cases of infection and 2718 deaths. The recovered are around 30 thousand, or 38%. The positive element is that for a week the number of infections has gone up, but with less intensity, with less than 1000 per day. However, out of over 45,000 hospitalized patients, about 20% are in serious condition.

Meanwhile, an international group of scientists has determined that Covid-19 was not produced in any laboratory, but was created in nature.

In a publication in the Virological online forum last week, they point out that two genetic aspects of the virus exist only in the body of animals, thus excluding the possibility that the form of coronavirus that is spreading around the world is produced in the laboratory.

In recent weeks there have been many alarmed rumors that "revealed" the origin of the virus from a Wuhan laboratory that studies "bacteriological wars". Other "conspiracy" theories accused the United States of having produced the virus to stop China's rise to economic superpower.