'We pray for our Srilankese migrants affected by the coronavirus
by Melani Manel Perera

Bishop: "I think of all those who do not have access to medical treatment because they live in poverty". The doctors who take care of the sick and risk dying are like "the Good Samaritan". In Sri Lanka schools closed until April 20.



Colombo (AsiaNews) - "We pray for all our compatriots, especially migrants and students, stranded abroad or coronavirus patients": this is the appeal launched by Msgr. Raymond Wickramasinghe, president of the Commission for Migrants of the Sri Lankan Bishops' Conference (CBCSL). He addresses "all people of good will to feel at one with the victims and not to exclude any of the family members. We pray and work for their quick recovery and comfort. "

The bishop gives "special attention" to all those who live in distant countries, affected at various levels by the contagion of Covid-19: Italy, South Korea, Africa, the Middle East and Thailand. They, he added, “have asked for our prayers. I think of all our brothers and sisters in the world who do not have access to medical treatment because they live in poverty. My hope is that every effort will be made to collaborate so that everyone has access to the necessary treatments to protect and heal their health ".

For Msgr. Wickramasinghe, “we must remain united in prayer for the victims and families who suffer. We appeal to all those who have power and authority to show solidarity and cooperation in sight in a future modeled on the [values] of interdependence and shared responsibility in the entire human family. "

The bishop expresses sincere thanks to all health professionals, doctors and nurses who "are at the service of the sick, often risking their own safety and health. I thank them from the bottom of my heart because their gestures of tenderness, love and closeness, [like those of the Good Samaritan) reflect the image of Christ ".

“Let's not forget - he continues - our doctors, nurses and hospital staff who are taking care of tourists and those under quarantine. I entrust to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Health  to the Sick, all those who bear the burden of disease, together with their families and health workers ".

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa asked for collaboration from all sectors of society in combating the spread of the pandemic after the discovery of the second local outbreak (a 44-year-old man). In addition to the quarantine imposed on all people returning to the island and tourists from Italy, South Korea and Iran, the Ministry of Education closed schools until April 20. Catholic institutions will respect the same regulations as public ones.