Wuhan still at risk; residents challenge isolation to protest soaring prices
by Wang Zhicheng

A thousand people took to the streets in Yingcheng against the neighborhood committees. A man who sold at lower prices and with better quality arrested. Yesterday 11 new cases of infection were registered; 4 in Wuhan; the rest by people returning to China from Italy, the United States and Saudi Arabia. WHO: Europe is the new epicenter of the epidemic. The situation in Iran and South Korea.


Beijing (AsiaNews) - The Hubei government has declared that all cities in the province, except the capital Wuhan, are to be considered as having a medium or low risk of coronavirus infection. Wuhan continues to be classified as "high risk".

But dissatisfaction is starting to emerge in the province: a thousand inhabitants of Yingcheng (about 100 km from Wuhan), yesterday evening, challenged forced isolation and demonstrated on the streets to criticize the increase in prices. The forced isolation means that families are obliged to buy food and other basic necessities distributed by neighborhood committees. They accuse these bodies of hiking prices for low quality products r.

The demonstration dissolved with the arrival of the police and local government representatives. A man named Cheng was arrested for daring to distribute food to residents "with better quality and lower prices," according to residents.

Days ago, during the visit of a deputy prime minister of the central government to Wuhan, the isolated people in the buildings shouted out "Fake! Fake! It's all fake! ".

Meanwhile, the National Health Commission reports that yesterday there were only 11 cases of coronavirus infection across the country, but only four in Wuhan, the epicenter of the epidemic. The other seven are "return" infections, that is of Chinese returned from countries marked by the virus: four in Shanghai, one in Beijing, two in Gansu. They came from Italy, the United States, Saudi Arabia. Yesterday, 13 new victims were also registered in China, bringing the death toll to 3194. The total number of infected is 81,021.

Worldwide, Covid-19 has killed more than 5,000 people. The country most affected after China is Italy, with over 1200 deaths. In Europe, another very affected country is Spain with over 3 thousand infections and 120 deaths. Yesterday, the head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, called Europe the "new epicenter" of the coronavirus.

In the world, after China and Italy, the other most affected country is Iran with 11,364 infections and 514 deaths.

In Asia, the country most affected after China is South Korea. The Korean Center for Disease Control and Prevention has registered 107 new infections today, bringing the total to 8086. The dead are 72.