Bartholomew: let us pray that science will overcome the coronavirus

In a letter, the Ecumenical Patriarch thanks those who fight against the disease, first of all the healthcare personnel, and invites faithful to respect the indications of authorities, beginning with staying at home.


Istanbul (AsiaNews) - Praying together, even if physically distant, in the certainty that "even with our prayers", science will win the war against the coronavirus epidemic, writes the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomewin a letter to the Orthodox faithful, in which he thanks those who fight against the disease, first of all the healthcare personnel, and invites faithful to respect the indications of authorities, beginning with staying at home.

"The unprecedented conditions and tribulation that we are facing as a human race as a result of the global threat posed by the pandemic of the new coronavirus, ," writes Bartholomew, requires that the Church speak.

 "We sincerely thank all those who struggle with self-sacrifice, even neglecting themselves and their families, including:

– Medical and nursing professionals at the front lines, beside our brothers and sisters who are suffering,

– Researchers and scientists searching for proper medication and vaccination to deliver us from this virus, but also

– All those actively working hard to address this pandemic

.Your contribution is invaluable. It is an offering to all of society. It is a sacrifice that deserves every honor and gratitude.”

In the struggle we are facing, the document continues, "our appointed states, governments and appropriate health authorities have the primary responsibility for planning, confronting and overcoming this crisis." "The burden of the responsibility, that they bear on their shoulders, by necessity demands the cooperation of us all. Now is the time of personal and social responsibility."

“What must be limited and suppressed in these extraordinary circumstances are gatherings and large congregations of people. Let us remain in our homes. Let us be careful and protect those around us. And there, from our homes, strengthened by the power of our spiritual unity, let each and every one of us pray for all humankind."

"We will pass through this period like a journey through the desert to reach the Promised Land, where science, by the grace of God, will overcome this virus”.

"Our Church hopes and prays for the healing of the sick, for the souls of the departed, and for courage and strength to the families of the afflicted. This trial, too, shall pass. The clouds will clear, and the Sun of Righteousness will eliminate the deadly effect of the virus. But our lives will have changed forever. This trial is an opportunity for us to change for the better. In the direction of establishing love and solidarity."