Taipei, a success story: zero local coronavirus infections for a month

For six days, there have been no infections imported from abroad. Schools, shops, restaurants and offices are open. The baseball championship is also being played. The government intervened quickly, without waiting for the late indications of the World Health Organization. Discipline of the population.

Taipei (AsiaNews / Agencies) - Yesterday, for the 31st consecutive day, there were no local cases of Covid-19 infection on the island. For six days, there have not even been any infections imported from abroad. With just 440 infected and 7 deaths, Taiwan is a success story in the fight against the virus.

The government has not adopted extreme measures of social confinement as in China, the epicenter of the pandemic, or in other countries, especially in the West. Schools are open and people can go to work. The streets are crowded, with shops and restaurants working at full capacity. The baseball championship, the national sport, is also being played, although a maximum of 1000 fans can enter the stadiums.

To contain the infection, Taipei intervened quickly and decisively, without waiting for the (late) indications of the World Health Organization. The authorities immediately imposed border controls, prohibiting entry to foreigners, especially those from China; those who enter the country from abroad are subject to a strict quarantine; airports and hospitals are monitored with extreme care; the sick are isolated in hospital or in their own homes; diagnostic tests are being carried out on a large scale, together with the tracing of contacts made by people who have tested positive.

The Taiwanese also made a great contribution. Wearing masks in public places, having your temperature checked and constantly washing your hands has become routine for them.