Thousands in memory of the young protester who fell from Pacific Place
by Paul Wang

‚ÄčA year ago, Marco Leung was hanging a banner against the extradition law and fell. A kilometer long line, for over 4 hours, paid homage in front of the young man's simulacrum. The government asks state employees and students not to participate in the June 20 popular referendum on national security law, but teachers and schoolchildren are ready to challenge the threat.

Hong Kong (AsiaNews) - Thousands of people gathered at Pacific Place shopping center yesterday evening to commemorate one year since the death of Leung Ling-kit, a demonstrator who fell as he tried to hoist a banner against the extradition law. His death preceded by one day the great march of over two million people.

Also this time, as for several weeks, people challenged the anti-coronavirus ordinance, which prohibits rallies with more than eight people.

 "Marco Leung", 37 years old, had climbed a high scaffolding outside the Pacific Place (in Admiralty) and was hanging a banner that underlined the requests to withdraw the law, free the arrested young people, not define anti-extradition demonstrations as "revolt". His requests then became the movement's "five demands".

"Marco" wore a yellow raincoat, which has become a symbol.

Last night from 7pm to 11pm a long queue formed in front of an altar with white flowers and candles in memory of the young man. The people in procession stopped to bow before the simulacrum that remembered the deceased.

The police issued warnings saying the rally was illegal, but they went unheard. Many young people waved flags inside Pacific Place and with their arms raised and their hands open - to indicate the "five demands" - they sang the hymn "Glory to Hong Kong".

The Hong Kong government appears increasingly unheeded. A popular referendum on the national security law, planned by Beijing for the territory, which many fear will lead to the end of the free society of Hong Kong, is scheduled for June 20. The executive warned that civil servants and students should not participate in the referendum. But teachers and students are ready to challenge the warning. The referendum has no legal value, but is a sign of how much the population of Hong Kong rejects Beijing's law.

Photo: HKFP

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