Pyongyang: an avalanche of anti-Seoul and anti-Moon leaflets

Fresh threats from the North towards the South “bereft of even elementary morality " and "a slap" against the Seoul authorities. The Unification Ministry asked for the "immediate" withdrawal of the project.

Seoul (AsiaNews / Agencies) - North Koreans are "angry” and are printing "large-scale" anti-Seoul leaflets to launch them on the heads of "those in South Korea who are bereft of even elementary morality,” reports North Korea’s official KCNA news agency.

The agency announced the leaflet invasion plan this morning, to respond with a similar measure to those - especially refugees from the North - who from Seoul drop leaflets against Pyongyang from balloons.

In particular, the leaflets of the North have the task of ""indiscriminately slapped on the south Korean authorities who have played on the hope and expectations of all the compatriots placed on the inter-Korean agreement with wicked puns over the past two years."

The Unification ministry, which handles relations with the North, has asked for the "immediate" withdrawal of the project, expressing its displeasure at Pyongyang’s decision.

In a further expression of this ‘anger’ KCNA published photos of North Korean workers intent on printing piles of flyers and some photos of President Moon Jae-in thrown into a plastic bag along with cigarette butts.

The threatened rain of leaflets is the latest move by the North against the campaign of leaflets launched from the territory of the South. These flyers have provoked the North to end all relations and dialogue with the South and on June 16 last it even bombed the office for inter-Korean relations in Kaesong, also threatening a military invasion.

In reality, Pyongyang is pressing on the South to express its dissatisfaction with the United States. In 2018 and 2019, Northern leader Kim Jong-un met with US President Donald Trump, but he failed to obtain the hoped for benefits, especially the lifting or suspension of international sanctions for the regime’s nuclear and missile programs. As a precondition for this, Washington demands North Korean disarmament.

Pyongyang's threats weaken Moon Jae-in's position. He has aimed aims to establish "irreversible peace" on the Korean peninsula, a re-edition of the Sunshine Policy inaugurated 20 years ago by his liberal predecessors.