Beirut, Card Raï warns of institutions 'politicizing' disaster and obstructing investigation

In yesterday’s homily, the Maronite patriarch’s new attack on the Lebanese political and institutional class. The prelate sees "popular anger" mounting over delays in the investigation and in the formation of a new government. The explosions dealt with from an "electoral perspective". Greek Orthodox Metropolitan: Leaders delude the people with false promises.

Beirut (AsiaNews / Agencies) - A section of the ruling class "is “politicizing” the Beirut port explosions and ‘obstructing’ an international investigation which, "thanks to its neutrality", can shed light on "causes and responsibility” in an “impartial and integral ”manner.

This is what the Maronite Patriarch Card Beshara Raï said yesterday, during his Sunday Mass homily, as he noted "popular anger" is mounting over the delay in the formation of a new government and those exploiting the incident "from an electoral perspective, linked to their own interests".

The cardinal returned to attack the political and ruling class of the country, reiterating the need for "active neutrality" for its salvation. The cardinal strongly criticized the manoeuvres of politicians for personal ends and the constant hesitation in the formation of a new government. "Why - he asks - are we so resistant to reforms?".

The Maronite patriarch sees the "desire to restore Lebanon to the state of isolation in which it was before the port tragedy" as one of the reasons for this constant procrastination as well as attempts to "oppose the initiatives of high international officials in its favour".

The reference here is to the visit of French President Emmanuel Macron to Beirut in the aftermath of the devastating double explosion, asking those responsible to form a competent and capable executive in leading the country.

Lebanon needs to strengthen relations with Arab and Western countries, while avoiding being sucked into the ongoing regional and international crises. “This - underlines Card Raï - is exactly what we need today. We need someone who can, with people of good will, re-establish these relations with these nations and get Lebanon out of its forced isolation at the political, diplomatic and economic levels that suffocate it”.

The Metropolitan of Beirut Élias Audi also spoke on the political and institutional situation of the country over the weekend, during the mass celebrated in the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of St. George, in the city center. According to the bishop, those "responsible" are only interested in "keeping their seats" and deluding the population with "false promises". He also harshly attacked those who "think they can control the people by spreading chaos, death and destruction".