Thought to be in a coma, Kim Jong-un reappears

The North Korean leader spoke at a meeting of the Korean Workers' Party. He ordered preparations for Typhoon Bavi and corrections to the ways the pandemic is handled. some reports had suggested that he had been replaced by his sister.

Seoul (AsiaNews/Agencies) – North Korean leader Kim Jong-un reappeared yesterday at a meeting of the Korean Workers' Party, issuing orders to prepare for the imminent landing of typhoon Bavi and to correct mistakes in handling the coronavirus pandemic, state media reported.

Recently North Korea has been hard hit by floods. On 13 August, at an emergency meeting of the Party's Central Committee, North Korea’s strongman stressed that his government would not accept any flood-related aid from abroad due to the risks associated with COVID-19.

His latest public appearance, smoking a cigarette, ends recent rumours that he was in a coma, replaced by his sister Kim Yo-jong, albeit without full powers.

Kim Jong-un was out of the limelight twice before, between April and May, fuelling stories about his health. Some reports even announced his death.