Two pro-democracy activists go back to jail

Anon Nampa and Panupong Jadnok breached their bail. For the court, the two activists continued to engage in political activity. Both have declined to post new bail. A call to join an anti-government protest on 19 September is circulating on social media.

Bangkok (AsiaNews/Agencies) – The Bangkok Criminal Court on Thursday revoked the bail of two Thai anti-government activists for breaching the terms of their bail in earlier arrests over anti-government rallies.

Anon Nampa, a 36-year-old human rights lawyer, and Panupong Jadnok, a 24-year-old student activist, could be held for up to 48 days, before the court vets their case.

Anon and Panupong, who were first arrested on 7 August and released the next day on bail, continued their political activity, thus violating the terms of their release. The court allowed them to post new bail, but both declined.

The two activists are among the most prominent figures of the protest movement, which took to the streets of Bangkok on 18 July to demand an end to the military’s role in the country's politics as well as the resignation of Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha, a former general and army chief who came to power in 2014 following a coup.

Protesters also want the dissolution of Parliament, an end to violence and abuses against government critics, and changes to the Constitution.

They have also targeted the lese majesty law, which punishes with up to 15 years in prison anyone who criticise the king or questions the monarchy.

The two pro-democracy advocates have been indicted and face several charges, including sedition and violating restrictions on public gatherings.

“I was honoured to participate in anti-government protests with everyone,” said Anon in a message on Facebook. “My fight is over, so I invite you to participate in the rally at Thammasat University on September 19 to show that we are right.”